In 2010, after many unsuccessful years of treatment though allopathy, and after seeing my mother diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia, I began my journey into ancient, alternative forms of healing and lifestyle. A strong curiosity led my focus towards discovering many simple commonalities in all the world’s religions and cultural practices. I wanted to understand how ancient societies both understood and utilized the faculties of the human body, and which of these societies seemed to have the healthiest, most balanced quality of life: less turmoil, less hardship, less suffering, more power. After years of reading books and adopting healthy, natural dietary and lifestyle practices, I eventually landed in Kerala, Southern India in 2016. For years I had discussed Ayurveda, the old world Indian “Science of Life” with my mother. Now, living in Kerala, I found myself surrounded by this culture, living with the people and doctors who maintained the practice of this ancient form of lifestyle, healing and body care. After this period of Ayurvedic study in Southern India and Sri Lanka, and after receiving my certification, I moved back to the states to Boise, Idaho where I set up my practice, offering intensive hands-on healing sessions with clients, friends and family.

The journey didn’t stop there, however. Ayurvedic healing methods were not all I brought back from my time spent in the East. While I was away, through many unexplainable, mysterious events, I continued to discover extremely powerful intuitive faculties which had begun to reveal themselves in life-changing ways. These skills and techniques I had been sharpening seemed to work hand-in-hand with what I had learned about the proper care of the human body. Focusing on both the well-being of the body, along with a stronger, clearer mind than ever, my state of life was elevating to new heights. I was truly starting to feel alive for the first time. I had moved from the dreary states of “begging” or “hoping” into a state of “commanding”. I had learned to sit in the captains chair of Awareness, as I took the game of “life manifestation” into unseen territory. This is by far the most valuable realization I have ever encountered. I feel more connected to the people in my life and more exuberant than ever! This creative power is innate within everyone, and this is what I am most excited to show you how to unlock. I don’t only wish to teach you how to do this, but I want to show you how fast it can happen!

All power is within you! 

—Trevor M. Kamplain

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