I teach people how to eradicate stress, chaos, and suffering from their lives by moving their focus away from their current story and into the powerful heart space of abundant, balanced love within themselves. Eventually all fear and concern for approval falls away, as this natural, open feeling within you is reflected like a mirror into your outer world. From this place we create the life we have always imagined. 



As your coach, my main goal in working with you is to see you moving into your power and creating exactly what it is you intend to create at an accelerated pace. My traveling lifestyle has allowed me to put every manifestation/life creation technique that’s out there into practice. I’ve simplified and summarized the most effective teachings I’ve found. The way that I teach manifestation is based on your current life’s trajectory. I want to see you rapidly attracting positive people and events into your life that both amaze and spur you with an added sense of excitement that gets you out of bed every morning.



Whether you come from a religious or science-based background, I develop a personalized language system unique to you and your own life experience in order for us to communicate quickly and effectively.


All Power: Life Path Alteration

At times, life can seem a bit scripted. By using the zodiac and knowledge of your natal chart, I show you how to transcend your supposed cosmic path of destiny (your default settings) and move into a space where you are creating something completely fresh from scratch. I can teach you how to change your trajectory and make life up as you go along on an intuitive level.



The physiological state of our bodies has tremendous power over our thought patterns. If we consume food which our body has a difficult time digesting, in turn, the thoughts in our mind will begin to reflect the way the food is making us feel. When it comes to physicality, my focus with you is to help you look healthy and to feel amazing. When we are in a state of relaxation, we are in our best creative space. I’ll help you make a deep analysis of your current diet, find out your goals for both physical health and how you want your body to look, and then help you eradicate anything and everything standing in the way.



The topic of “finding your “purpose” is very popular these days, yet it is often perceived as a type of mission. The way I go about this is different. After getting to know you, we will begin to focus on the importance of both the pure enjoyment of your life as well as your own sovereignty first and foremost. We will make sure that your true calling isn’t stemming from the memory of a career path which a person or a social pendulum has imposed upon you, but rather your own genius voice of freedom coming from within.



An open heart is key to unlocking your greatest potential as a powerful creator in this world. When the heart is open, one is able to tap in to resources which are otherwise unknown. I teach my clients the safest, most effective ways to initially unlock the heart chakra, how to manage the overwhelming amount of emotions that come with this, along with techniques to keeping it open, strong and resilient. I am careful to only offer this therapy to clients who I sense are ready to embark on this transformative journey.



Psychic-level intuition is not strictly reserved for gifted or unusual people. It is a natural, biological faculty which is an integral part of the human experience. By successfully opening the third eye, you gain access to a much higher potential in life, being able to tune in to yourself and your surroundings in a more intimate way. A healthy operating third eye is a necessary navigational tool for creators looking to manifest seemingly impossible things in life. I reserve this knowledge for those who have already successfully opened their heart chakras first, in order to avoid complications.



Our inner child reminds us the importance of playfulness and enjoyment. Our inner mother teaches us nurturing, kindness and soft compassion for ourselves. Our inner father allows us the strength, focus, and confidence to persevere through all adversity in order to achieve our goals in life. Through your own power, we will journey into your past to focus on forgiveness and healing in any and all areas of difficulty in order to develop a strong inner family unit within you.



We tend to attract that which mirrors what we have subconsciously identified ourselves to be. Whether you are already in a flourishing relationship, on a break from a relationship, or on the path to discovering an intimate counterpart to share life with, we will put emphasis on cultivating a profound love from within first and foremost. Unlocking your power involves radical self love. Strong, healthy relationships are natural byproducts once this occurs.



Translated from Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “the science of life”. Dated to be over 6,500 years old, it is the most extensive holistic healing system that has been passed down to us by the sages of the ancient world. In Ayurveda, healthcare focuses on the linked interdependence of body, mind, and spirit. From this tradition we find the Gunas, the three forces which penetrate everything in our life. These forces are named Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. As my client, I help you move out of the toxic clutches of destructive Tamasic lifestyle traits, guide you through the more anxious, agitating, action-driven Rajas lifestyle traits, and then into your most potent power: resting in the peaceful, abundant Sattva lifestyle. Sattva is the way of the sages and the best place for your mind-body-spirit to reside when unlocking your full creative nature.

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